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Fruit is large and dark red. Flesh is juicy, flavor is sweet but mild. Great for eating, cooking and desserts. A natural semi-dwarf tree growing 10-15 feet tall. Tree performs very well without spraying! Tree blooms in early spring, and matures in early September. Royal Gala & Zestar are good choices for cross pollination.

Our top quality bareroot apple trees are well branched, with beautiful root structure, ranging from 6-8 ft tall.  Trees are northern grown and well suited for our Michigan climate.  Apple trees require cross pollination.  Plant several different types of  apple or crabapple nearby (15-20 feet apart) for best fruit production.  It is important to select varieties that bloom at the same approximate time for effective cross pollination.  Trees are highly favored by deer.  Fencing is highly recommended to protect trees from deer.  Tree guards are also highly recommended to prevent damage from rabbits, mice, woodchucks etc.