Hackberry  is a large, fast growing shade tree.  It establishes easily and grows well in a wide range of soils.  This native tree is  tolerant of heat, drought, salt spray, wind, ice, poor soils as well as sites with short-term flooding.

The bark of hackberry provides year-round interest in landscapes. The fruit is a popular food for birds and small mammalian wildlife. Much of the fruit remains on the tree throughout winter until it is eaten by birds or other wildlife.

  • Height: 50 to 70 feet
  • Width: up to 50 feet
  • Medium to fast growth
  • Pyramidal shape in youth, spreading rounded shape in maturity
  • Bark matures to cork-like ridges
  • 1/3 to 1/2 inch berry-like fruit called drupes that change from green to purple or reddish-brown in autumn
  • Fall color is yellow

Bareroot trees:  2-3 ft tall, transplants

Estimated to be available starting April 1st.

code:  AN