Our top quality bareroot apple trees are well branched, with beautiful root structure, most ranging from 6-8 ft tall.  Trees are northern grown and well suited for our Michigan climate.  Apple trees require cross pollination.  Plant several different types of  apple or crabapple nearby (15-20 feet apart) for best fruit production.  It is important to select varieties that bloom at the same approximate time for effective cross pollination.  Trees are highly favored by deer.  Fencing is highly recommended to protect trees from deer.  Tree guards are also highly recommended to prevent damage from rabbits, mice, woodchucks etc.

The apples listed in this section  will cross pollinate with each other well as they bloom toward the middle of the spring season.  This group will also likely cross pollinate with the selections in our 1st and 3rd groups of apple tree offerings.  All trees are offered bareroot and are estimated to be available starting approximately April 6th.

Honeycrisp Apple:  Exceptionally crisp and juicy. Flavor is sweet but well balanced. Excellent storage life, up to 7 months! Ripens in late September.  Popular variety! Offered in larger starting size, up to 9 ft tall.   $52 each

Liberty Apple:  Fruit is crisp, juicy with a sprightly flavor. Excellent disease resistance. Does not require fungicide sprays (does very well without spraying). Blooms mid spring and fruit ripens Mid-September. $49 each

McIntosh Apple:  A timeless classic! Great flavor, good for eating and baking. Heavy producer of apples. Blooms mid spring with fruit maturing in late September.  $49 each

SnowSweet Apple:  Deliciously sweet, slightly tart tasting apple. Cut fruit is slow to oxidize when exposed to air. A disease resistant tree that blooms mid spring, with fruit maturing in Late September.  $49 each

Sweet Sixteen Apple: Medium sized red striped fruit with crisp, juicy texture. Outstanding dessert apple! Sweet flavor with a hint of cherry. Disease resistant. Tree blooms mid spring with fruit maturing mid-late September. $49 each

Triumph Apple: NEW variety from Minnesota! A cross between Honeycrisp Apple and Liberty Apple. Crisp, sweet fruit with the slightest hint of tartness.  Great fresh eating apple, long storage life.  Excellent disease resistance, great for organic apple production. Tree blooms mid spring with fruit maturing late September. $49 each

Winecrisp Apple: Dark red apple with outstanding flavor. Cream colored flesh is juicy with full spicey flavors. Disease resistant tree blooms mid Spring with fruit maturing mid-late October. Very good storage life. Offered in larger size, up to 9 ft.  $59 each

Pink Lady Apple:   Fragrant and sweet, crisp and tart too. Beautiful pink apples are blushed with red/pink, opening up to a white flesh that won’t turn brown when sliced. Perfect for party platters and salads; make the perfect jelly or preserves! The fruit ripens in October/November. Store in a cool place, will last a full 3 months. $44 each

Winter Banana Apple:  Large yellow fruits with a pink blush.  Banana like fragrance, crisp, mild and juicy.  Excellent pollinator.  Long lasting fruit matures late in season, going into November.  Fruit is excellent for fresh eating, desserts and cider.  Starting size approximately 4-5 ft tall.  $65 each

Apple trees are estimated to be available starting April 6th.  Please schedule pickup at least 24-48 hours ahead.