Our top quality bareroot apple trees are well branched, with beautiful root structure, most ranging from 6-8 ft tall.  Trees are northern grown and well suited for our Michigan climate.  Apple trees require cross pollination.  Plant several different types of  apple or crabapple nearby (15-20 feet apart) for best fruit production.  It is important to select varieties that bloom at the same approximate time for effective cross pollination.  Trees are highly favored by deer.  Fencing is highly recommended to protect trees from deer.  Tree guards are also highly recommended to prevent damage from rabbits, mice, woodchucks etc.

The apples listed in this section  will cross pollinate with each other well as they bloom toward the middle to late portion of the spring season.  This group will also likely cross pollinate with the selections in our 2nd groups of apple tree offerings.  All trees are offered bareroot and are estimated to be available starting approximately April 6th.

Delicious Red Apple: Rich Flavor and sweet. Flesh is light yellow and crisp. Good for fresh eating and salads. Blooms later in spring, fruit matures Mid October. $49 each

Fireside Apple:  Large, red striped fruit with a sweet, pleasant flavor Excellent flavor good for eating, has good storage life. One of the most popular apples in Minnesota. Has disease resistance to cedar-apple rust. Blooms mid to late spring, fruit matures in Mid October.  Offered in larger size, up to 9 ft.  $59 each

Freedom Apple:  Large red fruit is good for eating, sauces and juice. Apples are firm, crisp with a slightly tart flavor. Vigorous, productive tree with excellent disease resistance. Tree does not require fungicide sprays. Blooms mid to late spring, with fruit maturing late September, early October.. $49 each

Honeygold Apple:  Medium to large, yellow fruits that are crisp, juicy and sweet. Excellent for eating as well as cooking. Blooms mid to late spring, fruit matures in Early/Mid October.  Offered in larger size, up to 9 ft. $59 each

Red Fuji Apple:  Beautiful red-streaked apples are crisp, juicy, aromatic. Flavor resembles freshly-pressed apple juice. Apples ripen in late October. These apples store well. The fruit of a Red Fuji Apple tree keeps up to 12 months when refrigerated.   $49 each

Granny Smith Apple: Great late season apple, into November.  Yellow/Green colored fruits are sweet/tart in flavor.  Very highly nutrious apple.  Popular!  Starting size up to 6 ft tall.   $44 each

Arkansas Black Apple:  Late season apple, into November.  Crisp, firm & juicy with a great sweet taste.  Great for desserts, baking, cider & more. Dark purplish/red skin with yellow flesh.  Resistant to cedar apple rust.  Plant with at least 2 different apple from this grouping.  Starting size approximately 4-5 ft.    $65 each

Stayman Winesap Apple:   Late season apple, into November.  Red skinned, yellow flesh, fragrant variety with wine-like flavor.  Great for baking, cider and fresh eating.  Disease resistant.  Quick to bear fruit, vigorous & productive.  Apple keeps well.  Plant with at least 2 different apple from this grouping.  Starting size approximately 4-5 ft.   $65 each

Apple trees are estimated to be available starting April 6th.  Please schedule pickup at least 24-48 hours ahead.