White Pine


Michigan’s state tree! Eastern white pine is a stately canopy tree, fast growing to height of  75-150+ ft. tall. Gracefully plume-like in outline, white pine is very distinctive when compared to other conifers. Its branches are horizontal and tiered. Tufts of green- to bluish-green needles are borne in clusters of five long needles. Beautiful trees, locally grown! 

Please order bareroot evergreens in multiples of 10 (per size/type)
For quantities under 10, a handling charge of 50 cents per plant will be collected at time of pickup. 


12-18 inch (4 year, bareroot) $2.50  

18-24 inch (4 year, bareroot) $3.50

24-30 inch (4 year, bareroot) $4.50

Potted (quart container), ave size 14-20 inch:  $7.50

NLN for pickup starting 4/1/23

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