We offer 3 varieties of fruiting pear.  These well branched trees are offered bareroot. Plant at least 2 different types for cross pollination.

Bartlett Pear

  • Great for canning, fresh eating. Juicy and sweet. Very productive, 6-8 ft, well branched.  $59.50 each.

Bosc Pear

  • Highly aromatic, excellent flavor.  Good for  fresh eating, dried or cooked.  Keeps up to 6 months.  We;; branched. $54.50 each.

Kieffer Pear

  • Crisp, juicy white flesh, excellent for canning and baking.  A heavy bearing tree, resistant to Fire Blight.  5-6 ft tall, branched.  $45 each.

Estimated to be available starting approximately April 8th.